Orders & Delivery

Can I place my order by Email/Fax?
All Bionic Loyalty or Corporate Card holders can place their orders via email or fax stating their account number. The orders can be picked up from Bionic stores or delivered to your door at a fee. Delivery fee for orders below €60.00 is €3.00 per Delivery. Deliveries for orders above €60.00 have no delivery charge.

Can I add items to my order after it has been completed?
Once the order has been dispatched you cannot change it as it is connected with your payment. However, you can place a new order.

How can I track my order?
As soon as your order is dispatched, you will be informed by email of the tracking number which you can use online to track the exact location of your parcel.

How long does it take to deliver my order?
The order will take normally between 12 and 24 working hours to be delivered to the customer.

Can I change the delivery address?
All parcels are delivered at the addresses specified in the customers’ accounts. You can always change the delivery address in your account so that the subsequent orders will be delivered to the new address.

How do I change my password?
When you log in to your account you can follow the procedure to change your password as indicated in the system as well as to update your account details such as telephone number, address etc.

If I order from you again, do you keep my personal details or do I have to insert them every time I need to make a purchase?
As long as you have a login id as a customer, your personal details are saved and retrieved automatically on your screen as soon as you login. If you are using PayPal your payment details will be entered once while creating your PayPal account in the first place, in a secured environment. If you use JCC you will need to enter your payment details every time you make a purchase.

Why is my order "pending" when I track it on your website?
If the order status is “pending”, please check your email. It may be that the product you have ordered is temporarily out of stock. A Sales Consultant will contact you to provide an alternative solution or to inform you of availability date and time.

What happens if the courier loses my parcel?
If your parcel is lost during delivery and is verified by the courier company, a new parcel will be re-shipped right away.

What time should I expect my parcel to be delivered?
Deliveries are performed during office hours (9 am – 8 pm). For more information you can contact the Courier directly stating your Tracking Number and a convenient time to deliver your parcel.

What happens if I'm not at my delivery address at the time of delivery?
The courier will leave you a notification (Delivery card) so that you can contact them and arrange for the next delivery or you can always pick up the parcel from the nearest courier point.

Do I have to sign for the parcel personally, or can someone else sign for me?
Any person can sign for the parcel only if you have stated so in your order remarks or if you have informed the courier to do so (note: Proof of identity may be asked from the courier).

Can I refuse the delivery?
If you reject the parcel the courier will return it to us. Bionic will issue a credit note and your loyalty card account will be credited with the appropriate amount so as to be able to use it for future purchases. Kindly note, that this does not guarantee refund of the whole amount.