WiFi throughout your home
You no longer have to deal with WiFi dead zones in your home. For those places where your router's signal doesn't reach and where cumbersome LAN cabling would test your patience, there is a solution that is as simple as it is effective.
Enrich your everyday routine with perfect WiFi!
When was the last time you spent the weekend without using the internet? You can’t remember, can you? And why should you? Digital capabilities enrich your daily routine and leisure activities and, by the way, give you more time for your family and hobbies.
Whole Home Mesh WiFi System. Seamless Roaming with One Wi-Fi Name.
Mesh means Deco units work together to form one unified network. Your phone or tablet automatically connects to the fastest Deco as you move through your home, creating a truly seamless Wi-Fi experience.
With Mesh
Without Mesh
Choose the Right WiFi Solution For Your Home
Gaming , Streaming , Movies , Home Office.